10 Strangest Star Wars Covers

SFX has been guilty in its time of putting some odd things on the cover of the magazine (I’m sure you can think of your own list of our weirdest choices). But when it comes to covering Star Wars, there are plenty of magazines out there that have used any excuse to crowbar Darth Vader into a cover story. This feature on the official Star Wars site reveals 10 of the strangest Star Wars magazine covers since 1977.

"In the '70s and '80s the public face of Star Wars was a bit more lax, and magazine publishers could afford to be a little, uh, looser with their Star Wars cover designs," explains the site, going on to describe how publications' front-cover art ranges "from well-intentioned homage to downright racy."

See the full list here: 10 Strange Star Wars Magazine Covers

[Thanks SF Signal ]