Ubisoft games line-up

Having just announced that it's to publish the official game of the Beowulf movie , Ubisoft whisked SFX over to Paris to show off the rest of its forthcoming games at a big event underneath the Louvre.

Here are details of the five key sci-fi and fantasy titles on show:

A first person shooter with a title a bit like Halo ? Don’t roll your eyes just yet: from the development team behind TimeSplitters , this could prove to be a very interesting take on the genre. Set in 2048, you’ll experience three days as a soldier for a private corporation, your understanding of war influenced by the Nectar drug administered by your employers. As the plot unfolds, and your use of the Nectar stimulant varies, you’ll find that instead of just shooting everything that moves, you’ll start to see the unfolding conflict in a very challenging light. "It’s not just about shooting people in a corridor," script writer Rob Yescombe told SFX. "What we’re trying to do is create something like Apocalypse Now . It’s not a traditional war game; it’s a game about war." The game will feature voices from RADA and RSC actors, and be available first on the PS3.

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Coming out for Xbox 360, this is an official tie-in to the popular anime series (remember, you received a Naruto poster with your last SFX anime special ). You play the little orange-suited fella as he leaps and punches his way across a landscape rendered in cartoon-style cell shading, that chunky effect which makes 3D resemble a hand-drawn cartoon (like in the game XIII ).

Tom Clancy’s EndWar
The first original Tom Clancy franchise in a long time, EndWar is an attempt to bring a real-time strategy game (familiar to PC gamers) to the consoles. To make it easier to control without a mouse, the title – designed "to put World War III in your living room" – will feature an innovative voice command system. ( The footage we saw unintentionally made us think of Team America , with its apocalyptic strike on Paris... )

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction
We also saw the next Splinter Cell game, which takes you out of the shadows. With your character going rogue and coming over a bit Jason Bourne, you don’t creep around so much as wear a hoodie, steal mobile phones, and hit people over the head with furniture. That may make it sound somewhat like an ASBO simulation, but it does look like a promising twist on the slick sneak-'em-up series.

Assassin’s Creed
Finally, watch out for Assassin’s Creed , in which you play Altair, a member of the original assassin sect in the ancient Middle East. You’ll have full roaming access to the cities of Jerusalem, Acre and Damascus, with hitman missions to carry out and various ways of achieving them. The fantasy element? It’s rumoured that there is an SF twist to this 3D historical slash-'em-up, and there is the faintest hint of some kind of genetic code that flashes up briefly during the trailer. ( Our guess? THEY’RE IN AN ALIEN ZOO!!! But then that’s always our first guess and we’re inevitably wrong. )

You can find out more about the Ubidays event at the official site here , where there are also trailers to watch.


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