The Lost Boys TV Series*

(*No, not the teen vampires, but the Peter Pan characters they were named after)

According to Deadline , 20th Century Fox TV and Imagine TV are developing The League Of Pan, a fairytale-themed drama series inspired by Peter Pan. Based on an idea by up-and-coming writer Brian McCauley Johnson, The League Of Pan is set in modern day, featuring the Lost Boys 10 years after they’ve left Neverland.

Imagine TV and 20th TV are in the process of searching for a showrunner who would co-write the pilot script with Johnson. With a showrunner on board, the project will be taken out to the networks. With Grimm and Once Upon A Time both having been successful enough for second seasons, the networks may be looking for another similar hit. However, with Beauty And The Beast , starring Kristin Kreuk, also starting this Autumn, anyone else feeling, “Enough already!”?

Watch the trailer for Beauty And The Beast