Lost’s Mark Pellegrino is The Tomorrow People’s Interestingly-Named Villain

Mark Pellegrino ( Lost , Being Human USA , Supernatural , Grimm , Person Of Interest ) is adding another telefantasy notch to his bed post (his bed must be in danger of falling apart by now). He’s been cast as the main villain in the CW’s remake of ’70s Brit cult hit The Tomorrow People . And his character has a very interesting name…

The Tomorrow People is being executive produced by Greg Berlanti ( Arrow ) and Julie Plec ( The Vampire Diaries ) and is about a group of superpowered teenagers who can teleport at will and communicate telepathically among other things. Plec has previously stated that she’s a fan of the original series, and her fan credentials seem to be surfacing in the naming of Pellegrino’s character – Dr Jedikiah Price.

Roger Price was the man who created The Tomorrow People back in the ’70s while Jedikiah was “a fierce, shape-changing alien robot” who was a recurring enemy in the original show. Indeed, the first ever episode was called, “The Slaves Of Jedikiah”.

Wonder if Pellegrino’s character will turn out to be a “a fierce, shape-changing alien robot”? We can but hope, but it’s more likely that the name is just a fan-pleasing in-joke.

What TVLine does reveal is that this Dr Jedikiah Price is an evolutionary biologist who sees the Tomorrow People as a grave danger to the human race.

So, it seems the fact that Robbie Amell has been cast as a character called Stephen may not have been a coincidence, but another nod to the original show, which also featured a character called Stephen.

Please, please let there be a computer called Tim that looks like a disco ball with Hoover attachments.

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