After 26 Years, Roddenberry Pilot Gets A Second Chance

Back in the early '70s, Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry repeatedly proved that he couldn’t capture lightning twice with a number of failed TV pilots. Ironically he would go on to have far more success launching TV series posthumously (Earth Final Conflict and - shudder - Andromeda). And his influence-from-beyond-the-grave looks set to continue as one of those failed pilots - 1974’s The Questor Tapes – is due for remake, with an eye to a possible series.

According to a press release from Roddenberry Productions, the company has, entered into a deal with Brian Grazer and Ron Howard's Imagine Television to develop the Gene Roddenberry pilot The Questor Tapes. The announcement was made at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame induction ceremony where Rod Roddenberry accepted the posthumous honor, presented by Seth MacFarlane, on his father's behalf.

The Questor Tapes is about an android with an incomplete memory who searches for his creator and his purpose. He was the spiritual father of Data, in other words.

"My father always felt that Questor was the one that got away," said Rod Roddenberry. "He believed that the show had the potential to be bigger than 'Star Trek.'"

Rod Roddenberry will develop the project and the team is currently in negotiations with writer, producer and show runner Tim (The X-Files, Angel, Dollhouse) Minear to produce.


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