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World War Z Pics - UPDATED

The Daily Mail posts pics of the zombie apocalypse taking place on the Israeli border.

Shooting of the long-in-gestation zombie flick World War Z , based on the book by Max Brooks and starring Brad Pitt, is finally underway, as The Daly Mail has posted some pics of the zombie mayhem taking place on the Israeli border (although filming actually took place in Malta). The film is being directed by Marc Forster (Finding Neverland) and is due for release in 2012. Click on the images to see more zombie action and some fuzzy Brad Pitt close ups.

UPDATE: SFX has just discovered that World War Z will be shooting in Glasgow sometime in August, thanks to an extras casting call looking for people of “Military or fire/police/services backgrounds” and “Men and women of all ages”. (It doesn’t mention anything about, ‘be prepare to made up like a zombie”.)