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VOTE Movie Themes

Vote for your favourite SF & fantasy film themes ever!

From Max Steiner’s staccato strings for King Kong to John Williams’s majestic Star Wars fanfare through to Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard’s daringly minimalist Batman theme, sci-fi, fantasy and horror has given us some of the evocative and memorable themes in film history. And yet while you can find plenty of polls around the ’net concentrating on TV themes, genre film themes seem to have been largely ignored. Which is a situation S FX is here to rectify.

We want you to vote for your three favourite sci-fi, fantasy or horror film themes of all time. In some cases “theme” is a loose term: Cloverfield doesn’t have any orchestrated movie until its end credits and some film, such as The Exorcist and 2001: A Space Odyssey have simply used pre-existing music. But quibbling about details seems churlish. If it feels like a theme, that’s good enough for us.

We’ve listed below the themes we think are probably most likely in the running, but don’t feel restricted by the list. You can use the box at the bottom to fill in your own choices if you so wish. but remember, no more than three in total (inclusive of the ones you tick off, and the ones you suggest in the box at the bottom).

Results in three weeks’ time. Let the votestorm begin.