US TV channel planning Law & Order: Quantum Leap!

We were getting worried that, with so many post-Lost sci-fi-themed shows canned this year (Threshold, Invasion), TV channels would start to lose faith in SF programming.

But with Heroes currently delighting critics and scoring healthy ratings – and Battlestar Galactica a cult phenomenon – Supernatural channel The CW has ordered a pilot of a new drama that sees an FBI agent solve crimes with a twist.

Jumper (no relation to the teleportation film now being shot by Doug Liman) finds the fed able to leap into the body of someone about to be murdered. He then has to solve the crime before it’s too late with the help of his female partner.

Hmmm… someone leaping into other people, putting right what once went wrong? Sounds distinctly like a police procedural take on the world of Dr Sam Beckett, albeit with a slightly sexier sidekick than Al. Don’t go setting the video just yet, though: the pilot still has to navigate the treacherous waters of American telly’s development hell.

Author: James White
Source: Variety