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Ultimate Joss Whedon

Vote for all your favourite characters from all of Joss’s shows to create the ultimate Whedonverse TV series

Following on from our our massively successful Ultimate Trek and Ultimate Superman features, we’re now giving you the chance to create the Ultimate Joss Whedon show. Shiny!

The rules are the same as before. We’ve separated the main characters from each show into a roughly (occasionally very roughly) similar character tropes, and pitted them against each other in a series of polls. Think of it like Whedon tag team cage fighting, but without the cages, the fighting or the teams, but a lot more full-contact mouse clicking. Are we hardcore or what?

Then next week, from the winners, we’ll reveal the cast of the Ultimate Joss Whedon show… and try to think up a suitable name for it.

Oh, and good luck to anyone who had a share a poll with Spike…