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Whos Who? Tell Us!

Vote! Vote! Vote! In the strangest Doctor Who poll ever!

A new series of Doctor Who is nearly upon us, and so, of course, SFX is preparing to jump on the bandwagon mark the event in the usual, time-honoured, respectful, worshipful fashion.

Yep, we’re having a dead silly poll-a-rama session.

Fed up with "Who’s your favourite Doctor/Companion/Monster?” Then here’s the antidote. Unless you’re one of those people who’s so besotted with David Tennant you’ll vote for him no matter what the poll. Feel free to, if you are. We won't point and snigger.

Please note - this is all for fun. We cannot arrange for Colin Baker to be best man at Wills’s wedding or for Billie Piper to serve you your coconut milk on a desert island.

And sorry if we haven’t included your favourites but… well, we haven’t. Okay? Life can be tough. (But you can always use the comments section.)

Have fun!