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George Romero: Your Questions Needed

Zombie fans - we need your help! Send us your questions for the Overlord Of The Undead, for a future interview

Later in the year, SFX will be publishing a special edition dedicated to zombies. As part of that we'll be interviewing George Romero, the man who basically invented the genre as we know it back in 1968 with the groundbreaking Night Of The Living Dead . It'll be one of our irregular "Fannish Inquisition" pieces, where we put your questions to a director or star.

So, what have you always wanted to ask the king of the zombies? It could be a serious question, or it could be silly as hell - and it'd help if it's original.
To submit your question, either:
a. Post it as a comment on this web page
b. Post it in this thread on our forum
c. Email it to

Be sure to include your real name if you'd like to see it credited in print.

We'll pick a selection of the best questions and put them to George.

The closing date for questions is 5.00pm (GMT) on Wednesday 13 July. Get your thinking caps on!