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Could Avatar Sink Titanic?

Avatar made $191.4 million dollars worldwide in its fourth weekend of release ($48.5 million in North America and a further $143 million overseas) taking its total worldwide tally to £1331.1 million. It was already second biggest money-spinner ever, but that total now means that Titanic's record of $1,842.9 million doesn't look unassailable.

Especially as Avatar had the most lucrative fourth weekend of any movie ever in North America (overtaking a record set by, guess what? Titanic). The drop-off in audiences is much less than is usual, which bodes well for its final tally. Whichever way you look it at, the film's been a massive hit.

Meanwhile, the "better than it has any right to be" low budget vampire thriller Daybreakers opened fourth in North America with $15 million dollars for its first weekend. Which doesn't sound much, but the film only cost $20 million. So if it duplicates those numbers worldwide, it should see a comfortable profit.