Ubisoft games line-up

Having just announced that it's to publish the official game of the Beowulf movie , Ubisoft whisked SFX over to Paris to show off the rest of its forthcoming games at a big event underneath the Louvre.

Here are details of the five key sci-fi and fantasy titles on show:

Naruto: Rise of a Ninja
Coming out for Xbox 360, this is an official tie-in to the popular anime series (remember, you received a Naruto poster with your last SFX anime special ). You play the little orange-suited fella as he leaps and punches his way across a landscape rendered in cartoon-style cell shading, that chunky effect which makes 3D resemble a hand-drawn cartoon (like in the game XIII ).

You can find out more about the Ubidays event at the official site here , where there are also trailers to watch.