Tovey For Torchwood?

With the new series of Being Human launching this week and a surprise cameo in David Tennant's last episode of Doctor Who, Russell Tovey is as high on the geek radar as he's ever been.

But speaking to us at the high profile launch of Being Human Series Two (see our report here ) he was quick to admit that actually he didn't fully understand the ramifications of that meeting with Captain jack in the Mos Eisley Cantina homage – and what it could mean for any new episodes of Torchwood.

“I was surprised when Russell T Davies asked me to come back,” he told us. “I've no idea if I'll be in Torchwood, although it's something I'd be open to if they asked me. I didn't really realise when I was filming it, but when it was on people suddenly were saying, 'Oh you're going to be the new Ianto,’ and I had no idea what that meant. I didn't even realise Midshipman Frame was gay! But yes, I suppose Midshipman Frame could be the new Ianto. Or they might have just gone to the disabled toilets and come out again and that's it...”

* Being Human Series 2 begins on Sunday, January 10 at 9.30pm on BBC Three. Come back here to discuss the episode after the show with our episode one review or check out the SFX forum thread

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