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Thunderbirds Are Go Again

And this time, Gerry Anderson is back in control

Although very little information is available at the moment, a new series of Thunderbirds is being made for TV, and that’s “official”, according to Gerry Anderson himself.

He made the unexpected announcement yesterday to BBC News, at the very end of an interview about the new set of stamps released to celebrate 50 years of Supermarionation . He had already mentioned earlier in the interview, with a little twinkle in his eye, that this was one of his “best days in a long time” and while he was clearly very proud of the stamps, in retrospect, he was probably talking about the surprise he had up his sleeve as well.

Just as the interview was finishing, he suddenly sat forward, overbrimming with excitiment, and revealed, “Announcement – I am going to make a new series of Thunderbirds . And that’s official.”

As we said, there’s not much else known at the moment (will it be puppets? will it be CG? will it be live action?), but hopefully there’ll be more details very soon.