The Gaiman is on

Neil Gaiman's a busy boy right now. With Stardust just arrived in US cinemas (it's out here in October) and his and Roger Avary's take on old-English A-level staple Beowulf set to hit screens in November, the Brit writer is hot property in Tinseltown, and apparently that's about to continue with a big-screen take on his mid-'90s TV series Neverwhere.

According to
MTV , the film will be directed by David Slade, whose list of credits includes controversial drama Hard Candy and upcoming Steve Niles comic book adaptation 30 Days of Night. "They're using my script from 2000, and they want me to polish it up a bit," said Gaiman, whose screenplay will be based on the Neverwhere novel he wrote after creating the TV show with Lenny Henry. Fingers crossed that 21st century effects and a bit of a budget will give the story the visual flair it deserves.

In other news today, SCI FI Wire reported that former Morticia Addams Anjelica Huston is to join Patricia Arquette in Medium, playing a character named Cynthia Keener. The one-time Oscar winner has signed up for a six-episode run in the fourth season, set to start on American TV in 2008.