The Crystal is bright again

The internet is a funny old place where you can never be completely sure of the veracity of any stories you hear, as the continuing story of The Power of the Dark Crystal shows.

Last week we reported that a rumour was circulating online that the long-awaited sequel to the '80s fantasy classic had been scrapped, with two years' worth of pre-production work simply thrown out. Today we can report that, although The Henson Company still have not released any official word one way or the other about the fate of the project, worried fans may have been given some good news. Maybe.

A poster on the Muppet Central forum has apparently spoken directly to the head of publicity and head of features at The Henson Company , and both have categorically denied that the film is anything other than proceeding as planned. A cinematic release date of Spring 2008 is still anticipated, and its debut is planned for the 2008 Cannes film festival.

A real glimmer of hope, or just more internet hot air? We'll keep a watchful eye on how this develops.

Source: Dark Horizons