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The Cape Will Have Strange Villains Promises Showrunner

He likens the show to the Batman universe

“A hero is only as strong as his villains. Like the Batman universe, some strange villains will crop up,” says Wheeler, a lifetime fan of Marvel comics and Harry Houdini. “My goal is to create a really cool rogues’ gallery.”

These include Scales (played by Vinnie Jones, left) and Chess (James Frain, who played the very memorable Franklin in True Blood ). In the fifth episode we’ll see Scales’ origin story, which flashes back to his being auctioned as a baby to a freak-show proprietor who kept him caged. “That has an impact on his pathology and leads to trouble,” says Wheeler.

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Wheeler is planning another freakish foe for a two-parter to air in February. “He's called The Lich and has a problem keeping his skin from rotting, so he has the appearance of a corpse.” Well, Zombies are big on TV at the moment.