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Smallvilles Lana Joins 17th Precinct Pilot

Yes, we’re talking Kristin Kreuk. Blimey, someone who hasn’t appeared in Galactica is cast in Ron Moore’s new show…

The show, which is being made for NBC, was starting to look like an exclusive reunion clubs for actors from Moore’s previous show, Battlestar Galactica , with Jamie Bamber, Tricia Helfer and James Callis already cast.

The show is a fantasy-flavoured police procedural set in the fictional town of Excelsior, where magic and supernatural elements rule over science. Kreuk will guest-star in the pilot as Susan Longstreet, the wife of Jamie Bamber‘s crime scene expert. If the pilot goes to a series, the role has the potential to become a recurring one.

Meanwhile, Sasha Roiz, another former member of the Ron Moore acting troupe from a different show ( Caprica ), has ended up with a role in the other current US TV pilot mixing fantasy and police procedural elements, Grimm . (also, oddly, for NBC – surely only one is going to make it to a series?). Roiz will play the police captain in a fantastical world where Grimm’s fairy tales actually exist.