Shyamalan: "My Wife Made Me Do It"

In an interview with The LA Times, M Night Shyamalan reveals why he's taken a sudden change of artistic direction with The Last Airbender. For the first time he's not directing a movie from an original script generated by himself, but has instead helmed a big screen adaptation of a children’s cartoon, which, one assumes, can't be a slow-moving, talky, supernatural thriller full of existential discussions.

"My seven-year-old daughter made us watch as a family and all four of us were hooked," Shyamalan says. “I was like, 'This would make a killer movie.' And my wife, who really has been kind of in neutral about my career, was insane about it. Insane about it: ‘You have to do it. This is it. This is the one.' ”

Hurrah for that woman! We assume "neutral about my career" is a euphemism for "she thinks his last few movies have been a bit bobbins as well but is too polite to say." Whatever, she deserves some kind of humanitarian award for preventing another The Happening or Lady In The Water.

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