No Walt or Jesse in first series of Better Call Saul

Ever since Breaking Bad prequel Better Call Saul was officially confirmed by original creator, Vince Gilligan, fans have been speculating as to just which familiar faces might be cropping up in the new show.

And while there will certainly be some old favourites lining up alongside the titular lawyer, it sounds as though Walt and Jesse won’t be among them… not initially, anyway.

“In the spirit of full disclosure, Walt and Jesse will not appear in season 1,” reveals executive producer Peter Gould, in a discussion with EW. “Having said that, everything else is on the table.”

However, that’s not to say they won’t pop up in seasons to come, with Gilligan confirming that they're keeping their options open going forward…

“The short answer is, the sky is the limit and any of these characters could conceivably show up in future seasons,” explains Gilligan. “But the intention is it will feel proper and organic, because if it feels like a stunt then something has gone terribly wrong in the writers’ room.”

Better Call Saul will debut on US screens next month, with a UK date to be confirmed.

George Wales

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