Nic Cage can see the future...

Nicolas Cage is the latest star to plunder the bulging Philip K Dick back catalogue in Next , whose trailer has just gone online. It's based on the author's short story The Golden Man , and for a plot summary, we'll hand over to over-stern trailer voice guy:
"Chris Johnson [Cage] has the ability to see things before they happen. And if you can see the future, you can change the present. But that kind of power has a price..." As these things always do.

Frankly we'll be very surprised if this turns out to be a faithful Dick adaptation a la Scanner Darkly . Die Another Day director Lee Tamahori isn't known for his subtlety, and the "From the makers of Minority Report " flash suggests tthe filmmakers are seeking out a more action-hungry audience. Still, there's some nice end-of-the-world visuals, and the latest in Cage's long line of hilariously bad movie hairstyles.

See the trailer here .