Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD

Mysterious Cities of Gold

Rights issues have gotten in the way for years, but now it seems that they've all been resolved - Fabulous Films plans to release the English-language version of Mysterious Cities of Gold on DVD in February 2008!

The '80s series, which was responsible for the creation of a whole generation of anime fans (along with Ulysses 31 and Battle of the Planets), will be released across three double-disc DVD sets, each containing 13 episodes. Fabulous Films is about to begin work on picture and sound restoration in London for the DVD releases, and apparently have quite a few plans for DVD extras, including an interview with writer Jean Chalopin. Oh, and it's worth noting that Europe's getting it first, for a change!

Oh, and in case anyone needs or wants a reminder of The Best '80s Opening Theme Ever, here it is!

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