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Luther creator reviving Sapphire And Steel

Good news for fans of vintage sci-fi television, with Luther creator Neil Cross revealing to Nerdist (opens in new tab) that he is working on a revival of cult series Sapphire And Steel.

The show initially ran for 34 episodes between 1979 and 1982 and starred Joanna Lumley and David McCallum as the titular duo. The pair played two shadowy operatives charged with mending "disturbances in time", by drawing on their own semi-superhuman abilities.

"I am planning – it looks very much like I’m going to – relaunch a show called Sapphire and Steel," Cross told Nerdist. "Sapphire And Steel is a late ‘70s science-fiction horror show which had an incredibly low budget, so every single episode was a bottle episode where the enemy is time itself … so it would tell ghost stories and monster stories but in every episode somehow time was the villain."

Cross did not confirm any concrete details surrounding the production, although he did tease that, "there’s a broadcaster in the UK that’s very, very keen to do it." One to watch with interest….

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