Live Fracture webchat today

All fans of futuristic shoot-'em-up games stand to attention! Fracture , a new title from LucasArts, is set to land on 10 October and it's promising to deliver groundbreaking (that's kind of a pun, when you discover what the game's about) next-gen action.

And today (3 October 2008) you can chat live with Shara Miller, executive producer, and Ian Dray, military expert, at 1:30pm, UK time.

Fracture flings you forward to the year 2161, where a new civil war is being fought east to west across American soil. The innovation (and here comes the pun explanation) is that your weapons dynamically shape the terrain around you. Need cover? Use an entrenching tool to raise the ground around you. Need to get to a higher position? Use a the spike tool to raise a chunk of earth right out of the ground like an impromptu elevator. Neat.

For more information visit . To join in the chat, or to submit questions in advance, visit the webchat site here .