Kristanna Loken is Painkiller Jane

Bad news for Emmanuelle Vaugier, who launched the role of Painkiller Jane in last year’s TV movie based on the comic book. Sling yer 'ook, love, they've found someone even slinkier to play the part in the actual series.

Former cyborg death machine Kristanna Loken has been spared from appearing in any more Uwe Boll movies (at least unless she’s foolish enough to work with him again after the agony of BloodRayne and the impending Dungeon Siege), as she’ll take on the part of Jane Vasko, a DEA agent recruited to track down genetically enhanced humans. And she has her own powers – she can’t be injured, but she can feel pain, and that makes for some interesting situations in the field.

The Sci Fi Channel in the States has ordered up 22 episodes of the series after the TV movie pilot arrived to decent ratings. It’ll shoot in Vancouver – what a surprise – and start airing in the States next year. If it’s a success, expect Jane to make her way over here before too long.

Author: James White

Source: Variety