Kring talks Heroes finale

Heroes main man Tim Kring has been gabbing to SCI FI Wire about the end of season one. Apparently the three-episode finale will see the series' disparate supers making a group outing to the Big Apple, presumably for a spot of communal world saving. "The whole thing converges in New York," said Kring, "and they're all there, and all of them play a role. Even though some may feel like they're less significant to the final event, when you analyse it, each one had to play that role in order for the final event to be solved."

Kring's also admitted that people will die, and that some major characters will be among the death toll. "The thing is, [the actors] knew fairly early on [that they might not make it through the season]," Kring explained. "We've spoken about this idea, that on this show the story is king and everybody is in service of that story. It's not a star vehicle. The show does not live or die by any one character. And so every actor should realise that at some point their ticket might come up." Besides, there's no reason death has to be the end - the good thing about being a superhero is there's always a way back.