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Kevin Bacon to star in Tremors TV revival

Since its first outing in the early 90s, the Tremors franchise has puttered along nicely with a slew of straight-to-video titles satiating those desperate for more earth-dwelling worm action. All of those sequels were lacking one key component, however: original star Kevin Bacon. After ditching the series following the 1990 movie, Bacon's keen to get back in the saddle for a TV series that's recently entered development.

Entertainment Weekly reports that the new series is a joint effort between Blumhouse Productions and Universal Cable Productions, with Bacon attached to star and executive produce. Andrew Miller, who penned The Secret Circle, will write the series that intends to relocate the Graboid action to the small-town location of the original movie, Perfection. As expected, Bacon will reprise his role as Valentine McKee. There's no word on whether Fred Ward, who played Earl Bassett in the first and second movies, will be at his side.

This marks the second time the property has been earmarked for the small screen treatment. Another TV series aired on SyFy in 2003 for one season before getting cancelled - after the network opted to broadcast the episodes out of order. Blumhouse and UCP are seeking a home for the show at present, with "multiple bidders" apparently eager to invest in a slice of cult genre entertainment. Seeing as SyFy is overhauling its roster, it wouldn't be the biggest surprise if they snatched it up.

Gem Seddon
Gem Seddon

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