JK Rowling's Pottermore Revealed

After days of speculation, the Harry Potter creator spills the beans – albeit in a cryptic way...

Since the name Pottermore appeared on the web a few days back, the Pottersphere has been in a frenzy trying to work out what it could be – an eighth Harry Potter novel, perhaps, or even an MMORPG. Now the grand magus of the Harry Potter universe, JK Rowling, has popped up on her YouTube channel to put an end to the speculation – almost.

Pottermore will be an "online reading experience unlike any other," says Rowling. "It's the same story with a few crucial additions, the most important one is you." She also promises a "safe, unique online reading experience built around the Harry Potter books", where readers can share and participate in the stories – Rowling will also turn up to reveal secrets about her magical world. On top of that, the site will be the exclusive place to buy digital Potter audiobooks and (available for the first time) Potter ebooks. It'll be open from October.

What exactly this "online reading experience" will involve is yet to be revealed – while the clip features some very nice animation, concrete information is rather sparse. In fact, within those online reading parameters, it could be pretty much anything. Whatever form it takes, however, one thing's for sure – you wouldn't bet against it being a massive success.

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