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ImagineFX Goes Behind District 9

Issue 50 of ImagineFX, the magazine dedicated to sci-fi and fantasy digital art, has a scoop on the concept art for District 9. You may think you’ve read all there is about the year’s best sci-fi movie, but think again!

ImageineFX issue 50 includes interviews with the WETA design team and never before seen pics from the design of the movie, including early work-in-progress designs of the alien race.

The celebration issue also carries a feature on the 50 most inspirational sci-fi and fantasy artists, including spotlights on the Star Trek reboot’s Craig Mullins, Dave Gibbons and Star Wars’ concept artist Ralph McQuarrie.

ImagineFX issue 50 is on sale today with the latest news, features and workshops from the world’s leading movie, video game and comic artists.

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