Green Arrow Series Finds Its Female Lead

But is Katie Cassidy playing the Black Canary in Arrow?

Katie Cassidy ( Taken , Nightmare On Elm Street 2010, Ruby in Supernatural ) has been cast as the female lead in The CW’s “ gritty ” Green Arrow pilot Arrow , reports Deadline .

She joins Stephen Amell who’s playing Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.

Cassidy will play Dinah “Laurel” Lance, a young legal clinic attorney who shares a romantic past with Oliver. According to the casting call details we posted a few weeks back , she is “determined to use her life as a one-woman war against the 1% following the death of her younger sister Sara. A sister, who as luck would have it, just so happened to have died aboard Oliver’s yacht.”

In the comics, the character, Dinah “Laurel” Lance, is the real name of the superhero Black Canary, but there’s no confirmation yet Laurel in the show will appear as Black Canary as well.

Susanna Thompson – who was the Borg Queen in Star Trek: Voyager when she wasn’t being played by Alice Krige – will be be playing a different kind of Queen in Arrow . She was cast yesterday as Oliver's mother, Moira Queen.

Dave Golder
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