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Greatest SF&F Characters

And finally – after weeks of voting – the Top 10 Greatest SF&F characters of all time

Last week we revealed the Top 20 science fiction and fantasy characters in 10 different categories as voted for by you. Then, for the past week, we pitted the winners of each of those individual polls against each other. You’ve been voting in your thousands and now here – drum roll please – is the final Top 10.

1 The Doctor ( Doctor Who )

2 Spock ( Star Trek )

3 Rupert Giles ( Buffy The Vampire Slayer )

4 Batman

5 Dr Horrible ( Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog )

6 R2-D2 ( Star Wars )

7 Dracula

8 The Daleks ( Doctor Who )

9 Sarah Connor ( Terminator franchise)

10 The Master ( Doctor Who )

(Oh, and we'd just like to mention to the person who voted around 250,000 times for the same character, there’s a difference between an organised block vote from a fanbase and hacking the system. If you hadn’t gone quite so mad we may not have noticed and eliminated all your votes like we had to)