From Underworld To End-Of-The-World

Underworld and Live Free Or Die Hard director Len Wiseman is set to direct an apocalyptic movie for Fox. The studio has bought an untitled pitch about the end of the world, about a group of people who survive the end of the world and the mystery surrounding how they got to that position. Shockingly, it's not based on a comic/graphic novel/book/toy range. Blimey, an original idea in Hollywood?

Well, that’s original in the loosest sense of the word. Since Fox is now, “looking for writers” for the project, the pitch seems about as original as, “Roland Emmerich keeps making films about the end of the world that make money, maybe we should do the same?” You can’t help thnking, though, that Emnmerich’s used up all the good end-of-world scenarios – alien invasion, global freezing, global meltdown. And the planet being hit meteors is so last decade. What’s left? A virus contracted from an unsanitised telephone? Oh hang on…

Wiseman is currently a man with a lot in development – he's attached to the fantasy action movie Atlantis Rising and the futuristic war pic Shrapnel – but does not have a greenlit picture ay the moment.

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