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Fringe Renewed For A Fourth Season

Fox orders another 22 episodes. Get the party started

Fringe has beaten the curse of the Friday night graveyard slot with the news that Fox has renewed the show for a fourth season.

Producer Joel Wyman broke the news on Twitter : “ Fringe was picked up! Thanks Fringe dom.” But then the news was swiftly confirmed by Fox, with the added bonus that the network had had ordered a full season of 22 episodes.

All this despite the fact that last week the show had its lowest viewing figures ever: a mere 3.85 million. On the other hand, the show remains the number one show in the tough Friday night TV landscape for the key 18-49 age group, and one of the biggest benefactors of time-shifted viewing. It’s also, in SFX ’s humble opinion, all kinds of wonderful and we’re currently officially, very happy indeed (but wondering what JJ Abrams knows that Joss Whedon didn’t…).