Free monthly zombie comic strip from Abaddon

Online from this month, the website of Abaddon books (stablemate of 2000AD comic) is now running a monthly comic strip - created by the rotten minds of putrid Pye and creepy keef. It's free to view.

Non-horizontal corpses have gained a bad rep over the years. Okay, so some of them lack individuality, have no concept of hygiene and like nothing better than chowing down on the living - but nobody's perfect, and this monthly strip aims to set the record straight by showing the lighter side of unlife as a zombie.

"It's a little known fact that the dead can be, well... dead funny," say the guys at Abaddon, who also publish a range of action-orientated SF, horror and fantasy books. Judge for yourself at every month. Right now there's a festive greeting for all you fans of Christmas, and also Lunchbreak of the Dead - which is probably not ideal viewing if you're about to tuck into your midday sandwich.