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EXCLUSIVE Twilight Sequel Director On Adapting New Moon

So SFX asked director Chris (The Golden Compass) Weitz how he was going to tackle this problem:

“Yes, we’re not seeing [the story] from his perspective, but I think we keep a fine balance,” Weitz explains. “The one departure that we are going to make is that rather just hearing Edward, Bella sees Edward in the moments where she is pushing her limits in order to get a sense of his presence. But at the same time if we see too much of him it makes life too easy and you don’t get that sense of longing. You want to strike the perfect balance of the sense you have when you’ve lost someone that they are still always with you and you are always thinking of them and they are around. It’s something we are going to take a lot of time refining in terms of how much we see Edward. But also with Jacob, Taylor is there to fill the void. I think fans are going to be really taken with his performance and with his presence in this film. He’s really wonderful.”