ER Star Puts On The Cape

David Lyons is cast in the pilot of The Cape , about a former cop who becomes a masked hero

David Lyons, who starred as Simon Brenner on the final season of ER , has been cast in the lead role in the pilot for The Cape , according to The Hollywood Reporter .

Lyons will play Vince Faraday, a former cop who sets himself as a masked hero to clear his name and reunite with his son. From previous reports about the show, it seems like it has a pretty tongue-in-cheek approach with "a comic book sensibility", so it could either be a sanitised TV version of Kick-Ass or 21st century version of ’60s Batman . You never know – sometimes naff-sounding ideas make the greatest shows (re: Buffy , Being Human ). It has been created by Tom Wheeler, previous best known for his work on the 2005 Roman epic mini-series Empire , and Captain Cook’s Extraordinary Atlas .

Dave Golder
Freelance Writer

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