Cloverfield of Dreams

It’s not often a movie manages to sneak out beneath the radar, especially when it’s about a big monster treating New York with the sort of respect a rock band usually shows to hotel rooms. But somehow JJ Abrams has managed to get within a month of Cloverfield’s US release with barely a nugget of information sneaking its way onto the information superhighway. But we do know this: its Big Bad is big and bad enough to decapitate the Statue of Liberty, it’s filmed in a similar handheld style to The Blair Witch Project and we’ve got five minutes of destruction to show you right now, available for consumption by your eyes just by clicking here . This is big-scale carnage from the point of view of the ordinary man, and though we don’t know what the monster looks like (could it be a dragon, a squid... a Marshmallow Man?) something tells us this isn’t going to be a sequel to Roland Emmerich’s Godzilla disaster. At least, we hope not...

The movie opens in the UK on 1 February, and before that you’ll be able to read more about the movie in the February issue of SFX, on sale 16 January.

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