Check out the first image from The Flash/Supergirl crossover episode

Before Supergirl's first episode even aired, fans of DC's small-screen universe wanted to know: would she ever cross paths with the Scarlet Speedster? Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg, producers on both Supergirl and The Flash, skirted around those crossover rumors for months. Well, until last week, when it was confirmed that the pair would share the screen in an upcoming Supergirl episode. And thanks to Barry Allen himself, Grant Gustin, we've got our first look at the two caped heroes side-by-side.

The behind-the-scenes shot shows Gustin alongside Supergirl Melissa Benoist together with a caption that we rather agree with:

Those two emblems look pretty good together... @melissabenoist

A photo posted by @grantgust on Feb 10, 2016 at 2:07pm PST

The pair will unite in the March 28 episode of Supergirl, "Worlds Finest." Story specifics are unknown at the moment, but following Kara's fleeting cameo in this week's episode of The Flash "Welcome To Earth-2" it seems as if Barry's journey into another Earth might be the beginning of this crossover.

Supergirl currently airs Mondays on CBS in the US. The Flash follows Tuesday nights on The CW.

Images: Grant Gustin, The CW

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