Bond 22 Title revealed

Quantum of Solace? Quantum of Solace?! How are they going to fit that into a Bond theme tune? Muse must be a shoe-in – they're the only band with song titles that pretentious.

Yep, the new Bond title has been revealed and it sound about as exciting as physics thesis. It must rate as the dodgiest title since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Slightly Too Many Syllables (never understood why it couldn't just be the snappier Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, unless Georgie boy has a thing against the people who put the letters up on the cinema hoardings).

The title comes from an Ian Fleming short story in the For Your Eyes Only collection, which also gave name to the 1981 Moore Bond and 1987's The Living Daylights, with Timothy Dalton.

According to Guardian Unlimited the film has nothing in common with the tale so don't bother tracking it down.

Roll on Bond 23 – Velocity of an Electron. Possibly.

This has been a rant by Dave Golder and does not necessarily reflect the views of the SFX team as a whole. But come on, what do you reckon?