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Why Harry Potters 3D Will Be Different

Deathly Hallows producer David Heyman explains why the 3D for the final Potter movie is more than just a gimmick

The 3D being used for the final Harry Potter movie, The Deathly Hallows Part Two , helps tell the story, rather than just being a gimmick, promises producer David Heyman in an exclusive interview in the new issue of SFX (out next Wednesday).

“The way [director] David Yates is approaching 3D is he’s trying to approach it from a character and story point of view. Trying to use the sense of isolation, of separation that sometimes 3D gives you, to heighten that at appropriate moments. So we’re approaching it in a storytelling way.

“In terms of Deathly Hallows Part One , we just ran out of time,” he admits, “and in discussion with the studio, we told them we couldn’t preserve the quality and make the movie the way we wanted to deliver it if we made it in 3D. And they understood, and they were supportive.

“Funnily enough I think this last film will benefit more from the 3D than the first one would have. It‘s more epic and operatic. The first one was a more intimate film so 3D didn’t feel as germane. But ultimately, we’ve done 3D for the Blu-ray so Part One will be available in 3D in your home at some point.”

Read the full interview in SFX 210.