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Two More Actors Confirmed For Captain America

Stanley ( The Lovely Bones ) Tucci and Neal ( Minority Report / Desperate Housewives ) McDonough sign up to the Marvel movie

Two more actors have been confirmed for the big screen Captain America: The First Avenger movie, being directed by Joe ( The Wolfman ) Johnston. Neal McDonough, acting’s answer to an Easter Island Statue, will play Dum Dum Dugan, one of the Howling Commandos, though the actor himself revealed tha the crack troop from the comics may have a name change for the movie. McDonough has contributed his masonry-like expression to films such as Minority Report and the TV fare like Tin Man , and has had previous military experience in Band Of Brothers .

Meanwhile, Oscar-nominated Stanley Tucci (most recently seen in The Lovely Bones ) has signed up to play Dr Abraham Erskine, who in the comics was a German scientist who was part of the team who helped create the super serum that turns Steve Rogers into Captain America (and we thought he just enlisted on a Charles Atlas course).