Three quirky links: Springfield Punx, anime eyes and Paleo-Future

Just three little tidbits for you today; not hot news, just links we came across during the day that SF fans might enjoy:

Thanks to SF Signal we discover a fan art project parodying top TV characters and stars by depicting them as if they might appear on The Simpsons . It’s Springfield Punx!

Into cosplay and want your eyes to look like a proper drawn character? Or just have a fetish for that anime look? Now you can get contact lenses that give your eyes that animated eyeball effect (thanks to BoingBoing ).

Retro-futurism: today you can see what people in the past thought the future would be like. But isn't. If you see what we mean. The Paleo-Future blog has links to pictures and articles going back to the 1880s depicting predictions about our future… which never came to pass.