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The Picture We Never Thought Wed See

An early Spurious Award this week, featuring Tim Burton and a prop in unexpected convergence

Admit it – you never thought you’d see this: director Tim Burton exiting the TARDIS. Quite fitting, really, since there has been a Burton-esque feel to certain parts of the latest season of Doctor Who . But, no, Burton hasn’t signed up to direct an episode, sadly. This was just all part of the fun at the BAFTA awards last night, when the BBC inexplicably decided to have a bunch of celebs emerging from the time machine. There was a certain delight to be had seeing the Being Human bunch emerge from the Police Box, while Barbara Windsor wins the award for best overacting, and Peter Davison for most in-character scowl…

Oh, and a hearty congratulations to Misfits for winning Best Drama Series! Well deserved.