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Stargate Universe Team May Return With A New Show

Two of the crew are planning a new post-apocalyptic series that would include “80% of the SGU team”

SGU visual effects supervisor Mark Savela and production assistant Ken Kabatoff are developing a project tentatively called Echoes and claim to have rallied “about 80 percent” of the Universe crew in Vancouver to work with them on presentation piece for a pilot they’ve created. Apparently it’s a post-apocalyptic tale set in the near future, with a twist, and some “fantastic” aliens:

“We’ve always seen these aliens-attacking-the-planet stories, and it’s always the aliens attacking the humans,” says Kabatoff. “Having aliens against another alien race basically leaves the humans as collateral on their own planet. Many of the Earth’s citizens have been wiped out already. It’s not us against them, it’s them against each other, and we’re just trying to stay alive.”

Savela adds: “It’s kind of like two superpowers fighting in Australia, and destroying the Australians… They are going to be fantastic aliens.”.

The projects crew will include director Will Waring, director of photography Michael Blundell, production designer James Robbins and composer Joel Goldsmith. SGU actors Jen Spence and Mike Dopud will star along with Victoria Pratt ( Mutant X ) and Lochlyn Munro. The team will assemble this weekend in Vancouver to film the presentation piece, a promotional clip that includes about 15 pages of the pilot.

“Everybody is getting behind the script like crazy,” Savela said. “It's pretty cool.”