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Smallville Back For Tenth Season

Good grief, Tom Welling will be using a zimmer frame by the time they eventually cancel this series

The show is still nabbing great ratings for its network, The CW, which successfully moved it to a Friday time slot last season. The CW had already previously announced that its other telefantasy shows, The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural , were being renewed, and the lack of Smallville in that original announcement lead some to speculate that the show was up for the chop. However, as we speculated on this site at the time, the delay was more likely just down to getting contracts sorted out – a trickier business on a show that's been going so long, with so many major players both in front of and behind the screen who have to be taken into consideration (you can bet Tom Welling’s agent loves this time of the year… and whoever supplies his moisturiser too).