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Read A Massive Dave Gibbons Interview On Our Sister Site Creative Bloq

When asked about his opinion of Before Watchmen , artist Dave Gibbons (who drew the original Watchmen) tell SFX ’s sister site Creative Bloq :

“Well, this is difficult in that I either say everything or nothing. And I don't have the time or the inclination to say everything I feel about it, so probably best to just say nothing."

He also reveals his thoughts on digital comics:

“Clearly electronic readers are the way that publishing is going and a lot of people are trying to figure out the way to do comic strip type material on tablets. It’s kind of like the wild west but I think Madefire has got a really, really good chance of succeeding. I’ve let them use one of my creations called Treatment , which is appearing regularly on the platform.”

These are a mere two snippets from a massive, four-page interview Creative Bloq has just posted in which he also reveals everything from his inspirations to what it's like to take a phone call from Stan Lee in your kitchen.

Read the interview here .