Kring admits to Heroes Season Two Mistakes

Heroes executive producer Tim Kring has admitted to Entertainment Weekly that he made mistakes with the storytelling at the start of season two.

* The show has seen a massive decline in viewing figures and Kring reckons this has been down to a number of factors:

* The pace has been too slow.

* Major revelations took too long to materialise

* Two new romances were unconvincing

* New characters were introduced in separate storylines

* And a couple of other things we can’t mention because they're spoilerish, but you can check them out if you want to using the link above to the original article (which is certainly worth a peruse).

The article praises the next few episodes, saying the show is truly back on course. SFX agrees that the latest episode aired was certainly the best of season two so far. Let’s hope the show can bounce back. It deserves to, because even though season two has been a little disappointing, it’s still the one of the best US SF shows of the past few years.