Doomsday trailer online

After letting werewolves snack on squaddies in Dog Soldiers and leaving some cavers to the mercy of things that go bump in the night in The Descent, British writer/director ventures into Escape from New York territory with Doomsday.

Whichever way you look at it the movie's plot is bad news for Scotland
- later this year the lethal "Reaper" virus will hit, prompting the government to build a big wall across the border to turn the whole of Scotland into a quarantine zone. Twenty-five years later, when the virus returns to London, the discovery that some survivors remain is all the excuse anyone needs to send a team of investigators over the border in the hunt for a cure.

You can see the new trailer over at Yahoo Movies . We have to say it looks rather Mad Max, but seeing as it's got car chases and a couple of sword fights, that's okay with us. The movie opens in the US in March, and should arrive in the UK soon after.