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Dolph Lundgren and Harry Dean Stanton for Chuck Season Four

The show that has the coolest guest stars on TV continues the trend for its season four premiere

Dolph Lundgren and Harry Dean Stanton are both appearing in the season four premiere of Chuck , a show which has a knack of signing up seriously cool genre guests stars: Christopher Lloyd, Brandon Routh, Kristen Kreuk, Bruce Boxleitner, Tony Todd, Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase to name but a few from past seasons. Is this show the modern equlivalent to ’60s Batman as far as guest star frenzy goes?

Anyway, talking to EW ’s Mike Ausiello , Chuck exec producer Chris Fedak reveals: “Dolph Lundgren plays Marko. Is he Russian? Yes. Is he a terrifying bad guy? Yes. Will he say, ‘I must break you’? You’ll have to wait for the return of Chuck .” As for Stanton: “Harry will play Harry Dean, the man who [highlight next bit for mild spoilers if you haven’t seen the end of season three] comes between Chuck and his search for Mom . Who is he exactly? Well, we’ll say this: Only Harry Dean Stanton could play this part.”

Any guest stars you’d like to see on Chuck ? Can we start? William Shatner!